Daily Activities @ BBC


Bethel Bible College’s library is rapidly developing and is well stocked with both the latest scholarship as well as the best of traditional and foundational works. The library holds over 15,000 books and journals, including important recent titles from all the relevant theological, religious, and social science disciplines.


BBC Family begins the day with daily prayer and devotion in the Chapel. All faculty and students attend the service and get refreshed spiritually. Our community constitutes of people belonging
to different denominations. This gives a different experience and a good fellowship to the BBC community.

Student Leaders

Every year student leaders are selected from the Student Community by the
faculty to help in various community works.

Practical Ministry

The objective of the practical ministry program is to develop the ability in students for pastoral care and imparting community based orientation to students. The aim of this program is to orient the students for practical ministry and church administration where the students are assigned to different churches in every semester in the various ministries of the church as per the need of the congregation.

BBC Admissions opened for 2024