The chapel department of Bethel Bible College has been an instrument for the spiritual and ministerial development of our community. Based on the mission of BBC our task is to mold our students as the committed servants for various ministries of God as per their call. The department basically helps the students to exercise and experience the practical dimension of what they learn in the class.  Throughout the year, God has enabled us to grow in Him more in the midst of many challenges and difficulties. 

We begin our day with prayer and devotion.  Every Monday to Friday we have chapel service from 8.00a.m to 8.25 a.m.  All faculty and students attend the service and get refreshed spiritually.  Teachers and students of BD 4 and BD 3 preach in the morning sessions.  Twice in a week sermon evaluation service is conducted by the final year students and the sermon evaluation class is conducted every Friday at 2:30pm. This helps the students to improve their skill of preaching and reminds them the need of contextualizing the sermons. In the evenings at 6.40p.m students gather for devotion in the chapel. The freshers share the testimonies and the students of BD2 preach so that every student gets chance to minister in the chapel.  Monday evenings students have a special session for Bible Quiz and Friday evenings praise and worship sessions.  Also, we conduct Bible examinations class wise.  Sunday services are held every Sunday from 6.00p.m – 7.00 p.m. as teachers and students are engaged in practical ministry in other churches during the day.   Our community constitutes of people belonging to different denominations.  So, our worship services follow the order of worship from different denominations such as Lutheran, CSI, CNI, Methodist, Marthoma, Baptist, Pentecostal and Independent.   This gives a different experience and a good fellowship to our community.  During times of unforeseen circumstances, we gather in the chapel to pray and seek the guidance of God.

Students are assorted into tutorial groups under the leadership of the teachers where they interact with the teachers more intimately, which helps in clarifying their questions and doubts in relation to the Bible and spiritual life.  Also, they share their personal matters and concerns for prayer and counselling.

Every Thursday evening 4.00p.m – 5.00p.m we have staff prayer along with our sister organizations under Gospel Mission of India. This helps us to share personal, community and social concerns and pray which strengthens our unity and fellowship.  It helps all of us to share our concerns and happiness.

BBC Admissions opened for 2024