Practical Ministry

Practical Ministry

Bethel Bible College is an inter-denominational theological college which welcomes all the candidates across the denominations who are committed to God’s ministry and helps to equip them with theological richness and biblical doctrines. The students both men and women who registers for Bachelor of Divinity (residential) course are under training not only to be theological oriented but also to be praxis orientated. To make it possible, the college is deeply committed to send the students to the local parish/ congregations, churches, NGO’s in the fulfillment of practical work designed by Senate of Serampore College (University).

The objective of the practical ministry program is to develop the ability in students for pastoral care and imparting community based orientation to students. The aim of this program is to orient the students for practical ministry and church administration.

According to the practical ministerial training where the students are assigned to different churches in every semester in the various ministries of the church as per the need of the congregation. The students reach the churches on every Sunday in teams and engage in leading Sunday school, youth fellowships, praise & worship, assisting the pastors in liturgy, and also in administration of the communion.

This enables the students to identify their skills and talents to enhance them for their future endeavours. We are pleased to state that the pastors and the church officials welcome the students and provide opportunities for preaching, singing, worshipping God, and conducting Bible study.

The practical ministry program enables the students to gain rich experience on pastoral care, church organization and pastoral administration. The churches to be acknowledged in the Guntur city premises are Jehovah Shalom Church, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, St. Martin’s Lutheran Church, St. John’s Church CSI, Telugu Baptist Church, St. John’s Lutheran Church, ECI Gethsemane Evangelical Church, United Christian Church, Carmel Gospel Ministries, Living Gospel Church, St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Jeevadhipathi Gospel Ministries, St. Thomas Lutheran Church, St. John’s Lutheran Church(south parish), Shalom Covenant Pentecostal Church, and Mathrusri Children Home. we are thankful to the above-mentioned churches, congregations, fellowships, homes for helping us to reach the out the people communities through your ministry operations.  

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