Respected Rev. Scott Allan Norling, Founder President – Gospel Mission of India , founder President-Bethel Bible College and our graduation speaker; Rev.Dr.P.N.S. Chandra Bose, president BBC; Mrs. Melody Norling-vice President Gospel Mission of India; Dr.Leela Bose-Member Executive; other dignitaries, graduating students, guests, friends, professors and students:

          We have great joy in welcoming you all to the second BD graduation service of Bethel Bible College on this day 17th March 2012. Particularly, hearty congratulations to all graduating students who have successfully completed their studies and ready to receive their college diploma this day. We also congratulate the graduating students who are chosen for different awards.

          At the outset, we earnestly acknowledge the immense contributions of Joyce Mayer Ministries to Bethel Bible College. With profound gratitude, I appreciate the untiring effort of Rev.Scott Alan Norling-the International consultant and Asia Director of Joyce Mayer Ministries and his beloved wife Mrs. Melody Norling in sharing the concerns of Bethel Bible College with Joyce Meyer Ministries and other ministries which share our concerns.

          The life and contributions of Rev.Soctt Allan Norling and his family members have infused enormous faith in our journey of theological education. We greatly appreciate and thank Rev.scott Alan Norling for the surprising and generous appreciate and thank Rev.Scott Alan Norling for the surprising and generous contributins to complete the Norlings block of men’s hostel. Our faith endeavor  was further strengthened when Rev.Scott Alan Norling along with his family came forward on their own to inaugurate and dedicate the Norling ‘s block for our students well before the students were returing after Christmas vacation.In fact his daddy wanted to inaugurate the hostel, but due to various constrains it was not possible. Today we are glad the Rev.Scott’s brother is with us. We pray to God that God will bless all the efforts of the entire family for the extension of God’s kingdom. We also pray that God will bless the vision of Rev.Scott Alan Norling to construct a new liberary.

          Special gratitude and appreciation to Gospel Mission of India for the fervent efforts, encouragement and inspiration to provide sound, credible and sustainable theological education to meet the various ministerial  need of the churches.

           We also greet and thank all the dedicated and committed individuals, organizations and churches that are recommending candidates for theological education and ministerial formation at Bethel Bible College.

Students and faculty: A Brief Report (2011-2012)

         The 2011-2012 session of the college was started on the 6th June 2011. During this academic year 46 students were admitted for BD degree studies. Of the forty six new students, six female candidates. The new students are from AELC, AG, Baptist, Brethren, CNI, CSI, ECI, Independent, LMS and Pentecostal churches. The new students represent Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Chatisgarh, Kerala, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Nepal, Odisha, Tamilnadu, and UP. The new students were formally welcomed into the BBC community in a special freshers’s day program on the 18th June 2011. The total number of students in BBC during the academic year 2011-2012 is 183.   

       Although we have almost accommodation for single students we are in dire need of family accommodation to married students. The present dining hall needs to be extended to make it possible for all the students to have their meals together.


       At present there are twelve faculty members teaching different subjects. We sincerely thank all of them for their dedicated service. It is because of them that we are able to move forward. Special word of appreciation to Mr.Maongtoshi Walling and Mrs.Sonia Aji for taking care of the students in the hostel ; Mr.Saju Varghese N. for taking care of chapel and worship related matters, Mr.Rampaukopoing Michui for practical work Mr. Sean D. House for being bursar and library-in-charge. We also thank all the faculty members who have been contributing to numbers of others programs. Special appreciation to Rev. T.David Paulianmang, New Testament lecturer who accepted our last minute invitation and helped us. We also thank Ms. S. Akatoli Chishi for helping us in the current semester.

         Besides, Rev. Khup, Mr. George Philip, one of our faculty members has joined for Doctoral studies in the field of New Testament

        It is significant that three of our faculty members who went for higher studies will join BBC in June 2012 .Their arrival signals the increasing strength of our faculty. It also reminds us the necessity of looking into the concern of faculty accommodation, and also to upgrade our college in to Master level.

         We also earnestly acknowledge the contributions of the non-teaching and support-staff of BBC for the smooth functioning of the college

Practical Work

           Week-end and intensive practical work are integral part of theological education at BD level. As week-end ministry, this year our BD students were able to minister in 19 different centers which include churches, Sunday school, prayer meeting, women fellowship, children home etc. In this academic session three special programs were conducted by our students engaged in week-end ministries: they are youth retreat on 8th October 2011, Children camp in CMS on 12 November 2011 and children Advent Christmas program, on 4th December 2011. Our BD 4th year students returned to college on the 2nd of October 2011 after six months of intensive practical work. We thank all the churches, organizations and individuals who helped our students to find suitable practical work opportunities. We thank Mr. Rampaukopoing Michui the practical work-in-charge for his contributions. We also thank Rev. Dr. P.N.S. Chandra Bose, the president of BBC for encouraging and supporting all our initiatives.


             On the 23rd June 2011, Mr. Among Jamir, Sectoral coordinator, Ecumenical Solidarity for HIV & AIDS, NCCI visited BBC. He led the morning devotion and addressed the student community issues related to it and their relevance for theological students while equipping for future ministry. We also thank Rev. Scott Alan Norling for helping us with three resource persons to have a one day seminar on the issue.

            We celebrated the college day on the 4th November 2011. We thank Rev.Dr.P.N.S.Chandra Bose and Mr.Jeevan Sylvanous (COO-GMI) for encouraging students to participate in different events. Special thanks to Dr.Leela Bose for her generous contributions towards prizes for various events.

            The sixth bishop Rt.Rev.Dr.Victor Premasagar memorial lecture was held on the 1st of December 2011. Rt.Rev.Dr. John S. Sadananda, master-serampore College and bishop in CSI-Karnataka Southern Diocese presented a paper on the theme “Ecclesiological Fidelity and Ecumenical Ministerial Formation”. The session was moderated by Rt.Rev.Dr. Dyvaseervadam, Bishop, CSI, Krishna-Godavari Diocese. The paper was formally responded by Rev.Victor Moses and Ms.S.Akatoli Chishi our professors, before it was open for general discussions. The occasion was also graced by the presence of Rev. Dr. B. Suneel Bhanu, the president of AELC and Rev.CH Elia the synod president- central Guntur synod.

Students’ Contributions

            I thank all the students who have sincerely participated in the regular college programs and ensured the smooth functioning of day-today activities. Our student body deserves special appreciation as thy wholeheartedly contributed towards meeting the entire expenses of printing 500 copies of hymn books for BBC. It is because of their contributions that the hymn book could be dedicated for the glory of God on the 8th March 2012 on the eve of International women’s day. I thank Mr.Jeeven Sylvanus for buying 50 copies of the hymn book for various uses in GMI. The student body also contributed towards fixing an additional water pump for the hostels.

A Special day  

             Last year 24 B.D Students were graduated. They are serving God effectively as pastors, teachers, ministering to children etc. and leading a life of dignity and self-respect. Some of our own graduates have secured admission for M.Th. Studies.

            On the 11th February 2012, for the first time BBC BD graduates received their degrees in person at the Senate Graduation service held at NTC, Dehera Doon. If we can concentrate on the library we will soon be able to start M.Th. program at BBC which will be helpful to many graduates aspiring for higher theological education.

            As second batch of 54 BD students are going to be graduated today, we rejoice in the Lord for enabling us to witness this eventful day. We give all glory and honour to God with humility; and humble before God to seek God’s grace and guidance as we continue our sincere commitment for theological education. We sincerely pray that God will effectively use these 54 graduating students for the extension of God’s kingdom.

            Among the 54 graduating students 9 are women and 45 men. They are from 10 different churches and 9 different states. On this happy occasion we thank ISPCK-Delhi for gifting nine books each to the graduating students.

          Once again as I profusely thank all our leaders and partners in ministry, I appeal to all the graduating students never to forget your Alma matter-BBC.

Thanking You



Bethel Bible College


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