Annual Report-2013

Annual Report-2013

23 March 2013

Respected Rev. Scott Alan Norling, founder-president-Gospel Mission of India, Founder-president-Bethel Bible College, our distinguished graduation speaker and the host of today’s graduation; Rev. Dr. P.N.S. Chandra Bose , president-BBC; Mrs. Melody Norling-Vice-president, Gospel Mission of India; Dr. Leela Bose-Member Executive, Mr. Jeevan -COO; other dignitaries, graduating students, guests, friends, professors and BBC community:

Indeed, it is my privilege to extend a warm welcome to all of you to the third BD graduation service of Bethel Bible College on this day the 23rd March 2013, Hearty congratulations to all graduating students who have successfully completed all the requirements pertaining to BD degree studies of the Serampore College University as internal students and eligible to the award of Bethel Bible College Diploma, this day. J also congratulate the recipients of special awards.

The support, prayers and help of Joyce Meyer Ministries for the equipping of committed and dedicated men and women for God’s ministry through Bethel Bible College deserves special mention. Our sincere gratitude is due in many ways for their immense contributions. With profound gratitude, I appreciate the earnest efforts of Rev. Scott Alan Norling, the international consultant and Asia Director of Joyce Mayer Ministries and his beloved wife Ms. Melody Norling. They have a deep sense of commitment and burden for empowering men and women for God’s service.

The life and contributions of Rev. Scott Alan Norling and his family members have instilled enormous courage and enthusiasm in our journey of theological education and ministerial formation. During the academic year 2011-12 Rev. Scott Alan Norling generously funded for the completion of Men’s hostel.

With strong determination to take theological education and ministerial formation at Bethel Bible College, beyond the existing BD degree studies, Rev. Scott Alan Norling has been exploring various possibilities to meet the requirements. Let us ask God’s grace and guidance as we work together to move forward.

The entire BBC community is extremely grateful to Rev. Dr. P.N.S. Chandra Bose, the president of Bethel Bible College for the continuous encouragement in all our endeavors to make theological education and ministerial formation contextual and relevant. With his tireless efforts and affectionate consideration one more floor in the hostel was set apart for the use of women students. He is also committed to make theological education and ministerial formation more participatory and practice oriented. To achieve this objective he has magnanimously allowed the students to have the experience of organizing the college mess. It really has become an additional learning process for the entire student body. The students of BBC are grateful to the management for making such an opportunity of learning available. Rev. Dr. P.N.S. Chandra Bose’s election to the post of the President of Bible Society of India has added additional facet to the Ministry of Bethel Bible College.

We also acknowledge the contribution of ISPCK, Delhi to our graduates through their gift of books

We are also grateful to many friends, well-wishers, sponsors who are upholding theological education and ministerial formation by their support to students and sponsoring students to BBC We thank all those who in one of another way Contributed to the ministry of BBC.

 Students, Faculty and staff

The academic year 2012-13 was started with a formal Interview for the new Students on the 8th June 2012 Fifty one new students were admitted for the BD degree Program. The new students represent more than ten different churches and six regions. Of the fifty one new students eight were women and forty three were men The student body of BBC is uniquely inter-denominational inter-regional and inter-lingual The total Number of students in the BD degree studies during the academic year 2012-13 is 165

For the current academic year there are thirteen faculty members teaching different subjects. It is because of their dedicated service and exemplary life that our theological education and ministerial formation become substantial and more credible. Special word of gratitude to all the faulty members who held different responsibilities in addition to their regular teaching assignments: Dr. Sean D. House-Bursar, Mr. Benin B.R.-practical work in-charge, Mr. Tiameren Aier-library in-charge, Mr. Maongtoshi Walling-warden-Men’s hostel, Mrs. Taochila Marwein Jamir-warden-women’s hostel, Mr. Rampaukopoing Michui-chaplin, Mr. Akho – registrar, Rev. George Livingston Bandi-faculty and    Mr. Imtiakum joined the faculty this year-sports and cultural activities. Apart from the specified responsibilities all the faculty members actively involved themselves in every college program.

Among the faculty members, Rev. George Livingston Bandi and Mr. Imtiakum joined the faculty this year. Mrs. Taochila Marwein Jamir returned to the college after completing an additional M.Th. in counseling in addition to the M.Th. women studies she had earlier. Mr. Tiameren Aier and Mr. Akho have returned to the college after pursuing their doctoral studies. Rev. Khup and Mr. George Philip are still pursuing the doctoral program. Mr. Rampaukopoing Michui and Mr. Maongtoshi Walling have secured admission for doctoral studies to commence from June 2013.

We sincerely acknowledge the important contributions of the non-teaching staff and support staff to the smooth functioning of the college.

Practical work

As concurrent and long term practical works are integral part of BD studies we keep exploring challenging programs for the students. BBC students are great help to the Christian community in and around Guntur as they continue to impact many Churches and organizations through their practical work involvement. We thank Rev. Scott Alan Norling for providing special opportunities to our women students to attend “shine conference” on the 21″ and 22™ of September 2012 and for the entire community “kingdom Purpose’ on the 15” and 16” of November 2012. It will be helpful if many more such opportunities are explored.


College organized freshers day to welcome the new students on 16th June 2012.  We observed college foundation day on the 4th November 2013. It was a meaningful occasion to thank God for his marvelous grace and wonderful guidance during the past 12 years. The day was graced by Rt. Rev. Dr. P.C. Sing, Bishop of Jablpur and an inspirational homily by Rev. Or. P.N.S. Chandra Bose. Dr. Leela Bose is always inspiration to the student community. She encourages the students by sponsoring all the games and sports events of Bethel Bible College, particularly on the college day.

               The seventh Bishop Victor Premasagar Memorial lecture was organized on the 1″ December 2012. It was delivered by Dr. B J. Prashantham, professor of counseling psychology and Director of Human relations, counseling and psychotherapy Christian counseling centre, Vellore, Tamilnadu. He presented a paper in the morning session entitled”The Wonderful Counsellor’. The paper was responded by Mrs. Taochiia Marwein Jamir and Mr. Nixon Andrews, before it was opened for general discussion. In the afternoon session the resource person had an interactive session with the students and faculty members of BBC and it was quite enriching.

On the 14th January 2013 a team of (17) faculty members and students from Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago visited BBC as a part of their study tour. The president of BBC made all the necessary arrangements for them to have a memorable day at BBC. Four of our faculty members made four different presentations/lectures. The college arranged some games and a cultural program for them.

Graduates-present and past:

Out of 165 BD students 42 are going to be graduated today. It is a day of Joy and celebration that these forty two students are equipped to go to different parts of india/world to serve the Lord. In order to show their gratitude to the Alrna matter the graduating students took the initiative of raising substantial amount of money to improve the dining hall facilities to accommodate all the students.

The entire BBC family, particularly the student body, stood as a single unit and shared the resources during the times of joy and sorrow in this academic year when we had to face challenging situations. I am sure their exemplary life, voluntary involvement and contributions at the time of need and grief have inspired many. Although it is hard to part with the graduating students, we are aware of the fact of their commitment and responsibility to serve the lord to the best of their abilities which is the most important task. We always remember your exemplary life and contributions to the community and urge you to have the same attitude to the alma-matter irrespective of your future commitments.

With humility I wish to underline the fact that all our former graduates are doing well in different churches and organizations. Some of them have their own ministries. All though only two batches of BD students were graduated our graduates have found place for higher theological education in leading post graduate study centers like, United Theological College, Bangalore, North Indian institute of Post Graduate Theological Studies-Kolkata, Gurukul Lutheran theological college-Chennai and Federated Faculty for Research in Religion and Culture-Kottayam.

This is our eighth year with the BD studies program. There is a demonstrated need for higher theological education at BBC. It is possible, if all of us work together and pray together with dedication and determination. May God’s name be glorified. Once again thank you very much Rev. Scott Alan Norling for making the graduation possible in Hyderabad.

Thanking You



Bethel Bible College


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