Annual Report-2014

Annual Report-2014

21st March 2014

Respected Rev. Scott Alan Norling, founder-president-Gospel Mission of India, Founder-president-Bethel Bible College, our distinguished graduation speaker and our chief guest today; Rev. Dr. P.N.S. Chandra Bose , president-BBC; Mrs. melody Norling-Vice-president, Gospel Mission of India; Dr. Leela Bose-Member Executive, Mr. Jeevan Sylvanus-COO, GMI; other dignitaries, graduating students, guests, friends, professors and BBC community:

            With grateful heart I extend a warm welcome to all of you to the fourth BD graduation service of Bethel Bible College on this day the 21st March 2014. Hearty congratulations to all graduating students who have successfully completed all the requirements pertaining to BD degree studies and are eligible to the award of Bethel Bible College Diploma, this day. I also congratulate the recipients of special awards.

            Our sincere gratitude to Joyce Meyer Ministries for their invaluable support and contributions towards theological education and ministerial formation through BBC.  We profusely thank Rev. Scott Alan Norling, the international consultant and Asia Director of Joyce Mayer Ministries and his beloved wife Ms. Melody Norling for their deep sense of commitment and burden for equipping and empowering dedicated men and women for God’s ministry. They have unfailingly journeyed with us from the inception of BBC till date upholding and strengthening our commitment. We fervently pray that our journeying together will be blessing to many and will Honor God’s name.

BBC family with one accord thanks Rev. Dr. P.N.S. Chandra Bose, the president of Bethel Bible College who in spite of other larger commitments, is always available to all the BBC affairs and is ready to attend to our concerns. His passion for theological education and ministerial formation is so dedicated that he continues to inspire all of us to look towards higher goals.

We also acknowledge the contribution of ISPCK, Delhi to our graduates through their gift of books. We are also grateful to the churches, organizations and individuals who sponsor and recommend students to BBC. We thank all those who in one or another way contributed to the ministry of BBC.

Students, Faculty and staff

The academic year 2013-14 was started with a formal interview for the new students on the 7th June 2013. 44 new students were admitted for the BD degree program. The new students represent 14 different churches and 8 regions. Of the 44 new students three were women. The student body of BBC is uniquely inter-denominational, inter-regional and inter-lingual. The total number of students in the BD degree studies during the academic year 2013-14 is 165. 

            During the academic year 2013-14 thirteen faculty members taught BD courses as per the Serampore College curriculum. Pro. T. Nirmala Mary was additionally included to teach a part of religion and science course. It is because of their dedicated service, endurance, unconditional cooperation and exemplary life that we are able to rejoice today. Special word of gratitude to all the faulty members who held different responsibilities in addition to their regular teaching assignments: Dr. Sean D. House-Bursar, Rev. George Livingston Bandi-faculty mess committee coordinator, Mr. Benin B.R.-practical work in-charge, Mr. Tiameren Aier-library in-charge, Mr. L. Kainii Mightyson -warden-Men’s hostel, Mrs. Taochila Marwein Jamir-warden-women’s hostel Mr. Imtiakum –chaplain and Mr. Akho – registrar. Faculty members who did not hold specific responsibility are dynamic part and parcel of every college program. I have no words to sincerely thank all the faculty members for their selfless service.

Among the faculty members, Mr. L. Kainii Mightyson joined us in June 2013. Mr. George Philip a faculty member of BBC pursuing D.Th. studies will join the faculty in May 2014 after completing his residential requirements.

We sincerely acknowledge the dedicated services of all the non-teaching staff of BBC who make our life comfortable. I wish to thank the student leaders and the mess teams for working hard to ensure that the entire student body enjoyed required freedom with sincere responsibility.

Activities and Events

BBC students continue to impact the churches and organizations in and around Guntur through their concurrent practical work. In order to broaden the scope of intensive practical work our students were allotted more number of days.

College organized freshers day to welcome the new students on 29th June 2013. We observed on 4th November 2013 a humble college day celebration with a loving donation received from Dr. Leela Bose. Although, games, sports and cultural programs were part of the celebration, the BBC family thanked God Almighty for the continuous grace we received during the past 13 years of BBC’s existence. We thank Dr. Leela Bose for her spirit of encouragement and active involvement in the programs of the college.

Considering the number of BD students and the need for a more spacious library, the money earmarked for the eighth Bishop Victor Premasagar Memorial lecture was utilized to transfer BBC library to the college auditorium which was much more spacious than the previous place.

We conducted thesis seminars for the BD IV and V students.  15 final year students have opted for writing thesis in this academic year.

We are grateful to Rev. Dr. P.N.S Chandra Bose for motivating BBC family to launch an annual college magazine with the title “Springs”. The theme selected for this academic year is “transformation”. In view of incorporating certain aspects of today’s graduation ceremony the release of the magazine is postponed to another occasion. We thank the editorial board for the hard labor they have put in and also we thank all those who have contributed to the magazine.

Mr. Sujohn R. Paul of the 2013 batch BD student of BBC received C.E. Abraham Prize in Church History (BD) in the senate graduation 2014. We sincerely thank him for registering BBC in the list of award winning students. Mr. Dileep Kumar Kandula from the first Batch of our BD graduates has become the youth secretary of Krishna Godavari Diocese, CSI. We are also pleased to hear from our former students that they honestly serve God and bring credibility to BBC’s commitment.

We have requested the Senate permission to register external students for Diploma in Christian Studies and Bachelor of Christian Studies through BBC. This may come in to effect from November 2014.

During the last three years 120(three batches) students have successfully completed their BD studies and received their BD degree from the Serampore College. All of them are dynamically serving God with humility and dedication as per their calling. A summery review of their ministry gives a rough statistic of BBC’s contributions to the multifaceted ministry of the church and society. 53 percent graduates are involved in pastoral ministry (Organized church, Independent), 26 percent of them are working in different organizations. 14 percent of our graduates have gone for higher studies (M.Th.), 4 percent has chosen teaching ministry and 2 percent has started their own ministry.


This is our ninth year with the BD studies program. 34 students are going to be graduated today. We thank God for enabling them to successfully complete their studies and join the ministry (pastoral ministry-27, Missionary work- 4, teaching ministry-2 and evangelist-1.). The graduating students have taken initiative to raise almost two lakh rupees to equip the library with computers, library software and a Xerox machine.  We sincerely thank them for their gratitude to the Alma matter.

Their Godly life, earnest contributions and hard work move all our feelings as they are going to leave BBC soon. This temporary feeling of sadness makes us rejoice in the lord that they came to BBC with a definite call and are now going to the ministry fully equipped.  Serve the lord with earnestness and be sensitive to the need around you.

As we are entering in to the tenth year of our BD program our contributions are overwhelming. May the Lord continue to bless our endeavors so that our ministry will become springs of Joy to the church and society.

Thank you



Bethel Bible College


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