Mission Of BBC

Mission Statement

Bethel Bible College is a vision pursued, a venture of faith, with the mission of equipping young men and women to share the Gospel, plant new churches, and provide pastoral and other services to the church and society. The College, its faculty, Board of Directors, and supporters are interdenominational and ecumenical in orientation, united by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and rooted in the Bible. Soli Deo Gloria!

Aims and Objectives

The college envisions six objectives to fulfill the mission of our Lord Jesus Christ as given in the Great Commission:

1. To train young men and women who have a genuine call for evangelistic and pastoral ministries.

2. To prepare young men and women to lead a life of spiritual and academic excellence that would make them suitable future leaders of the church and society.

3. To provide the students with various opportunities for ministry both inside the college and among the neighboring rural and urban communities.

4. To help the students to discover and explore their God-given gifts and talents and encourage them to translate them into skills like writing, painting, preaching, singing, music and other such arts, at the same time being sensitive to the needs of the people, especially the poor and the oppressed.

5. To provide the church in India with dedicated and talented indigenous leadership who would transcend all the denominational boundaries and trigger the outreach deeper into the nerves of the society.

6. To train and encourage the students to become aware of the pluralistic religious and cultural context of our country for effective communication of the Gospel


Theological Values

All the studies and activities in the college are centered on the Bible, the foundation of our faith. Every course thoroughly engages the biblical background of each particular subject. Through daily morning prayers, meditation on the Scriptures and participation in the programmes of the local church, students learn to apply the Bible to their own lives, churches and communities, growing spiritually as they develop intellectually.

Ministerial Values

During their studies, students are helped to become aware of their potential, gifts, and God-given talents, and they are encouraged to use them in strengthening the Church All efforts are made to keep the students total development as the main objective of the institution. From the very beginning, students learn to relate their studies and ministry experiences to their own churches and social contexts. Theology and ministry must be made relevant to the prevailing social, cultural, and developmental conditions, so each student is given the tools to research, prepare, and practice for his or her future ministry. Bethel Bible College is located by a slum in Guntur, and its life and ministry are deeply enmeshed in the local church, community and neighboring villages. There is a programme of visiting village congregations and communities each week under the guidance of a faculty member. The college also maintains a relationship with the students' sending churches. Students are required to get sponsorship letters from the heads of their churches and dioceses. The college keeps close relationships with the churches, sending reports of the progress of the students and arranging internship programmes in their respective communities.

Educational Values

The New Teaching and Learning Methods through participation and mutual interaction are given importance in all the academic and practical programmes. Through audio-visual and television aids, the students are encouraged to critically evaluate their own communication methods and relate their studies to their own situation and ministry. Education should be a life long learning process, and the college faculty should be good examples by being open to new ideas and learning situations. We have planned an alumni programme through which the graduate pastors will be encouraged to read new books, write on issues that confront them in their congregations and also search for ways of dealing with the new challenges. The college will encourage the whole community to grow in spiritual life and in relation to practical issues, bringing them all to bear upon their academic and spiritual development.

Relational and Personal Values

The students and faculty meet in prayers each morning and throughout the day have the possibilities of interacting with each other, in addition to the classroom. The personal formation of the students is that of the servants of the Servant Lord, and understanding the ministry as an opportunity to serve and not to be served The focus of the college is also on church planting, to make the pastoral ministry available to all the people in the area. The institution requires o sense of call and personal commitment to the Gospel from both the students and the staff.

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